About Us

We build your visions, with perfection.

Boldmark construction ltd is an all-in-one construction company where we do both big and small residential and business buildings.

We take over your project from feasibility stage, design through to handing over of the same.

At Boldmark, we believe in close attention to the very minute details in order to produce the best and quality projects.

  • Quality assured structures
  • Highly Professional Staff
  • Expertise & Innovation of global standards
What We Do!

Let's build your dream together

Amazing architecture inspires change and fundamentally has the power to improve lives. BoldMark Contractors is all about designing with a purpose to achieve the best human experience of space.

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Cost planning, quantity surveying, and cost control are the foundation of our practice. We provide services for master planning, functional programming, cost planning at all stages of the design process, and cost control through to the completion of construction.

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Kenya Based BoldMark strives to shape Kenya from the ground up. A project management powerhouse for a range of Kenya's most lauded resident construction projects, the company specializes in regulating costs, scheduling logistics and safeguarding quality during pre-construction and construction.

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We understand that remodeling can be stressful, after hearing numerous painful remodeling stories, we decided to provide a better way to renovate your home by taking some of the stress out of the remodeling process creating a faster, smoother renovation.

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From Residential, schools to office buildings, plants and warehouses, BoldMark experienced workforce follows a proven methodology to get the job done on time, within budget and in accordance with all building codes and permitting requirements.

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At BoldMark Contractors We believe it's all about people. Our Interior Design team approaches every project with this philosophy. Our goal is to ensure that we provide environments that promote health, safety, security and a deep connection to sense of place

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Quality and reliabile services to provide a solution to your project

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