Project management consultancy

Kenya Based BoldMark strives to shape Kenya from the ground up. A project management powerhouse for a range of Kenya's most lauded resident construction projects, the company specializes in regulating costs, scheduling logistics and safeguarding quality during pre-construction and construction.

Pre-Construction management Services We work with the Design Team to provide value engineering and cost-effective design alternatives throughout the design and permit process. Our objective is to assist the consultants in preparing working drawings that are detailed enough to allow construction to proceed without incurring unforeseen costs at a later date.

Construction Management Services Each Boldmark project is staffed with an experienced construction team to oversee all aspects of construction. We will manage every project to ensure that our clients are provided with a successful project, built on schedule, on budget and of top quality.

Post-Construction Services We ensure a seamless turnover of all project closeout documentation, co-ordinate all necessary training of building systems for the appropriate parties.