Health and Safety
The company has a comprehensive Health and Safety policy to ensure the wellbeing of all company employees and the public at large. We provide our clients with responsive, safe and reliable services while adhering to the ideas of sustainable environmental requirements. We give priority to Environment, Health and Safety in all projects. We believe that EHS contributes to our competitive strengths and benefits our clients, shareholders and employees by contributing to the overall well-being and economic health of the communities we serve.
The management believes that effective management of Environmental, Health and Safety Management issues is fundamental to success, and is therefore committed to continually improving the EHS performance through setting and monitoring of objectives and targets, necessary training, encouraging new ideas, employee participation, coordination with clients, suppliers and annual management reviews.

We do so by adhering to the following principals:

A. Communication: We continuously engage our employees, clients and suppliers for input on local conditions and sustainable practice.

B. Prevention: We employ an EHS Officer on each site to prevent activities and conditions that pose a threat to human health, safety or the environment. We minimize risk and protect our employees and the communities in which we operate by employing safe technologies and operating procedures .

C. Compliance: strict compliance to EHS standards is a key component of our training, performance reviews and incentives to all employees. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations.